I Resolve Not to Make A New Year’s Resolution… just to look forward

What kind of year has 2014 been for you?  I hope it has been a good one.  Did you make any New Year Resolutions this time last year – and if you did, did you keep them, or flounder before the New Year had barely arrived?  I don’t make resolutions on New Year’s Eve anymore.Continue reading “I Resolve Not to Make A New Year’s Resolution… just to look forward”


You might recall this post I made almost two weeks ago, about an exciting new sci-fi drama project from ‘Third Contact’ creator Simon Horrocks – ‘KOSMOS’, a six-part web series. I’m very happy to say that with just a few days to go before the deadline, the target of £30,000 was met and ‘KOSMOS’ will go into productionContinue reading “THEY MADE IT! ‘KOSMOS’ IS GO!”

Looking Backwards to Christmas – writing Xmas cards needn’t be a chore!

Christmas can be a difficult time of year – I don’t think anyone would argue with that, would they? For wives and mothers and home organisers in general, the month (in plural if you are really organised, which I never am) leading up to December 25th can be hectic and stressful, as the Christmas MachineContinue reading “Looking Backwards to Christmas – writing Xmas cards needn’t be a chore!”

Create a Science – Fiction show

It’s often difficult to ask people for money – but when the reward is something this special – to be part of a science-fiction show from the very beginning- then it feels less like begging and more ‘hey, how would you like to be a part of something really special?’  So, with that in mind,Continue reading “Create a Science – Fiction show”

Why we should never give up on our dreams… why crowdfunding works

Originally posted on from here to infinity and beyond:
If someone had told my fifteen-year-old self that I would one day create an appreciation society for a favourite science-fiction show (a club which is still going strong thirty-four years later) or that I would be invited to visit the set, go to sci-fi conventions and meet authors,…