Film industry: if you ain’t got the money, take your broke a** home.

As an Indie author producing and casting my first book trailer, Tom’s world is one I have just barely dipped my toe into – I’ve discovered a huge well of talent amongst people of a similar background to my own (Dad was a maintenance electrician, I’ve never been to college or university) – I think Tom’s campaign is a brilliant and very much needed project.

Grit Journalism

The film, media and arts industry is facing a financial crisis. Not in box office terms, no. It’s no secret that breaking into the creative  industries is one of the hardest and most cut throat businesses one can venture in, wether you’re a creative graduate or a long term freelancer, a new director or a struggling actor, simply put if you haven’t got the funds – you’re in trouble. Even if you’re a woman, cracking into the business is a tricky one and not for the faint hearted – read about it here

Very recently the issue of being ‘privileged’ in this world can be massively advantageous, as we saw from this years Academy Awards. The very issue was spotlighted after the prestigious nomination of ‘Best Actor’ included public school educated Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne. Again, whilst there was no dispute of the actors deserving their nomination for…

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