Be There At The Beginning!

That’s SUCH a great line, isn’t it? Really motivational. I wish I’d thought of it!  But that honour goes to Simon Horrocks, creator of crowd-funding sci-fi web series, ‘Kosmos‘, which is now so close to airing it’s very first episode…. just 21 teaser views away only 2 hours ago.  Want to help?  I hope so, because I’m itching to see it!  I’m not going to tell you anything about it (other than that it sounds great!) because I’d love for you to hop over to  right now and watch the teaser – your view could be the one that unlocks Episode 1!  Go on… you know you want to!!

‘Kosmos’ was made entirely through crowdfunding via Kickstarter, which is a brilliant way for indie film-makers to find the means to produce their own projects. Simon Horrocks made the acclaimed ‘Third Contact’ last year – ‘Kosmos’ is his latest project.

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crowd-funding patreon promotional

It’s Live…. How you can help me to make a video trailer for ‘The Methuselah Paradox’ !

What you see above is a tiny preview of the theme and credits for a trailer promoting ‘The Methuselah Paradox’…   with today’s launch of the crowdfunding project , the reality is beginning to feel a little closer!  I’ve blogged before about crowdfunding, and also here, but it’s not until you support someone else’s creative endeavor that you realise just what can be achieved.  ‘The Minster of Chance‘ audio series (and soon to be a film!) from Radio Static, ‘Kosmos‘ and ‘Third Contact‘ from Simon Horrocks, and ‘Kaleidoscope Man‘ from Simon Cox are just some of the projects I’ve been involved with, and knowing that I’ve helped, even in a small way, someone produce something into which they’ve poured time, effort and dreams, gives me a great deal of satisfaction.  When I decided that I wanted to make a trailer for my book, and quickly realised that it would require a bigger budget than I could fund by myself… well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say!  I decided to try and crowdfund it.

Basically how it works is this: I tell potential patrons how much I need and what for, and offer a series of ‘rewards’ (signed books, t-shirts, scripts, etc.) for anyone who pledges. Patrons pledge, I make the trailer and produce the rewards, and hopefully everyone is happy!

I hope you will check out the project here on Patreon – and if you can’t afford to pledge, please don’t worry – spreading the word is every bit as important as making a pledge, so please tell all your friends about it!  If you know someone who enjoys crime mysteries and/or science fiction, perhaps they might enjoy ‘The Methuselah Paradox’….

Now I had better go and edit that script some more….

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