Serial characters in your books – are they a good idea?

Serial characters, i.e. people we can get to know across a series of books, are popular. Look at Sherlock Holmes – I am not sure if he was the earliest example, but he first appeared in print in 1887 and went on to feature in four novels and fifty-six short stories, and countless adaptions since. ThenContinue reading “Serial characters in your books – are they a good idea?”

Remembering Jeremy Brett – the quintessential Holmes

I first met Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes in 1988,  when my then boyfriend (now husband!) told me I simply had to watch this brilliant TV version of the Sherlock Holmes stories on TV with him.  Now I had never been remotely interested in reading the Conan Doyle books, being far more interested in science-fiction, natural history, and soContinue reading “Remembering Jeremy Brett – the quintessential Holmes”