“Space is BIG. You won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-mindbogglingly big it is…”

The above quote is, of course, from ‘The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by the late, great and hugely-missed Douglas Adams.  It continues thus: “… I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the street to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts…”   (purists note: I’m quoting this from memory since my autographed first edition of the paperback version of ‘The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide…’ is at the other end of the house, and I’d rather like to just get on with this blog entry – so if I haven’t got it exactly right, I hope you’ll forgive me)

Where is this all leading, you could be forgiven for wondering…  Where it’s leading is to an inspiring and innovative project titled Space Corps.  Before you start thinking it sounds like something from another late and great creative, Gerry Anderson, let me tell you that it is very far from being fictional entertainment. COO/CIO Mark W Bennett is, according to his Twitter header, a ‘visionary trailblazer leading the world into a bold future’, and I see no reason to disagree with that statement, because:

Space Corps is a member driven organization with the expressed goal of:

  • Building organization with a long-term vision for the expansion of humankind across the stars
  • Continuously educating and inspiring the public mind about space, science and technology
  • Driving the development of space-based technology and engineering capabilities
  • Conducting manned and robotic space exploration
  • Enabling public access to space

Personally, I have loved the idea of mankind heading for the stars since I saw my first episode of  ‘Star Trek’ as a child. I still love it, and believe that it is essential, mankind’s next big step – the idea of humanity keeping all our eggs in one basket, as it were, is worrying, so I was very happy to learn that the first mission to Mars is already being planned.  Whether  Space Corps  or Mars One are connected with NASA’s mission in any official capacity seems to be neither here nor there – just like the moon, Mars doesn’t ‘belong’ to any one government, country or scientific body, so I imagine there will be more than one colonization project, and numerous ways for interested individuals and companies to be involved.

So if you’re as intrigued as I am and would like to find out more about what the future might hold, do check out Space Corps – there’s no join-up fee, just a place for like-minded individuals to maybe have a part in mankind’s next big adventure!

"Space is big... let's go colonize!"
“Space is big… let’s go colonize!”

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EJ Jackson

I write, therefore I am! Love film, theatre,TV and books: science-fiction, thrillers/crime and mystery. Geek, wife and mum, sister. Created the official Appreciation Society for 'The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy', www.zzz9.org Author of 'The Methuselah Paradox' and new comic book series 'Minding Mama' (illustrated by Dan Schaefer). www.mindingmama.org Author of 'The Journey & Other Short Stories' (August 2014) and 'The Methuselah Paradox' (August 2016) and 'Minding Mama' (tbc). Lots more in the pipeline! "Imagination is the highest kite one can fly." - Lauren Bacall

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