Intelligent Drama – Are viewers getting lazy, or is it all about the promotion?

Still no word from BBC America about a second season for ‘Intruders’, the spooky and compelling paranormal thriller about ex-LAPD cop Jack Whelan’s quest to find out what is up with his wife Amy following her disappearance and reappearance on a work trip, only to find his world torn apart as he learns that she is […]

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Why we should never give up on our dreams… why crowdfunding works

If someone had told my fifteen-year-old self that I would one day create an appreciation society for a favourite science-fiction show (a club which is still going strong thirty-four years later) or that I would be invited to visit the set, go to sci-fi conventions and meet authors, directors and actors, write a novel, and have the opportunity […]

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Take a Deep Breath – We’re going to Heaven!

Doctor Who Series 8 Overview (Warning – here be spoilers) Wow – what a ride that  was!  But, as always after a Doctor Who series finale has aired, I feel a little flat… nothing to do with what I thought of the series, mind, but rather because Saturday night telly won’t be quite as exciting […]