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Welcome to my blog.  I’m Elaine Jackson, author of ‘The Journey & Other Short Stories’  , ‘Minding Mama & Other Short Stories‘ and my first full-length novel,  ‘The Methuselah Paradox‘, and here’s where I’ll be nattering on about anything and everything that interests me (and which I hope might interest you, too).

What interests me?  In no particular order:

  • Good story-telling (I love to talk about writing almost as much as I love doing it, so be prepared for a lot of that here and on my main website, www.elainejjackson.com )
  • science-fiction in all its forms:I founded ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, the official ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ Appreciation Society in 1980, love ‘Star Trek’ in all its forms (I was around for the original) and ‘Doctor Who’ (Jon Pertwee was ‘my’ Doctor), X-Files, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘UFO’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (the re-boot) … science fiction asks those questions we might not have answers to yet, and its technology so often precedes the fact (at the most simple level, ‘Star Trek’s ‘communicators are today’s mobile phones – I’m with ‘Bones’ McCoy on the wisdom of matter transference via the ‘Transporter’ though)
  • Crime/police procedural dramas and books – both my full-length science-fiction novels (‘The Methuselah Paradox’ and the sequel (still a WiP as of December 2019) ‘Who Killed Maggie Wren?’) feature DI Ian Hammond, who gets to investigate all the weird stuff no-one else wants… If you enjoyed ‘The X-Files’, ‘Fringe’ or ‘Grimm’, I think you’ll enjoy these!
  • Genealogy – I’ve spent more than a decade -so far- researching my family tree, and now my archaeology graduate son has opened my eyes to the wonder of DNA mapping. Do you know what a ‘Haplogroup‘ is? Nor did I … You’ll find my novels reflect this interest too – what (and who) make us who we are?
  • Music – a world without music would be unbearable!
  • Film (kind of covered in the second paragraph)
  • Theatre – is it a co-incidence that several of my stories feature an actor as one of the main characters? Nope! The business of make-believe – and the talented, complex and sometimes troubled people who bring us our entertainment – has always interested me. If a DVD doesn’t have a ‘Making Of…’ extra, just watch me frown…
  • Lots of other subjects I haven’t thought of yet…

Please feel free to comment or ask questions!


  1. Some background to my first novel, ‘The Methuselah Paradox‘, published in August 2014 and available in both Kindle and Paperback from Amazon – or an autographed paperback direct from the author here!
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  8. The Power of 9 – BBC America’s ‘Intruders’ promises to raise the hairs on the back of your neck… (in development)

2 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Thank you for re-posting ‘Into The Darkside,’ I think I’m going to stick around for awhile, we have several things in common (author, Syfy geek, genealogist, music!) Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

    p.s. One of the best ‘making of’ I’ve ever seen was for the movie Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Melody! We do indeed sound like kindred spirits, and I am very much enjoying your blog.

      I’ve not seen ‘Captain Phillips’ but I like a lot of Tom Hank’s work so I will look into that. Cheers for the recommendation!

      I hope you’ll continue to enjoy this blog – I tend to write about all manner of subjects – whatever takes my interest, mostly. My author-specific websites (if you’re interested) are http://www.elainejjackson.com and http://www.neonskybooks.com

      Thanks again for the follow! 🙂

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