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Let’s Bee Clear About This….

Friday, 19th June 2020: Are the bees really in danger? Are we facing am ‘Insect Apocalypse’? Like many who have heard this from the main stream media over the past few years, I (and my family) thought this was the case. But according the Genetic Literary Project, this is not the case at all.

Rather than repeat parts of an extremely interesting post (part one of two) by Jon Entine posted on the Genetic Literacy Project on 16th June 2020, I’ll simply provide a link so that you can read the genuine article (pun absolutely intended). If you find it as fascinating as I do, please consider signing up for their email updates to new posts. As a writer, it not only informs but provides plenty of ideas….!

So without further ado, here is the link: The Genetic Literacy Project I’d love to know what you think – has it cheered you up, as it did me? One thing’s for sure – it won’t stop my husband and I creating a bee-friendly garden, or helping a weary bee on it’s way with a drop of sugar water!

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